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Exterior Works


It is an all too common problem for home and commercial Exterior Worksproperty owners to overlook the condition of the exterior of their premises. Most people are preoccupied with the interior look, design, and functionality of their property, and the exterior areas of a property are often only considered as an afterthought. This is unfortunate, as the exterior of a property can be what elevates the property as a whole, and is often what contributes to someone’s first impression of the premises.

However, the exterior of any property is not always about looks. It is certainly preferable to have attractive trees and plants, well kept lawns, weather resistant fencing and decking, but these are not the only things that contribute to the overall condition of the exterior of your property. As most people are not skilled to identify each and every problem that might be present around the exterior of a property, issues will often go unnoticed until it is too late. For example, in older properties there is a possibility of discovering cracks in walls or subsidence, as well as other problems like dry rot, weathering, or cracking of patios or walkways.

Dragon Building and Construction’s exterior team are highly skilled in dealing with all aspects of exterior works. From structural problems on existing premises, brickwork and building of any projects you have in mind, laying down or repairing any driveways, patios, decking, or pathways, erecting fences or walls, and landscaping gardens of all sizes, as well as preparing and treating all materials in the right way to prevent rotting or excessive weathering.

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