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New Builds

New build smallThere is nothing quite like moving into a house that is all your own, whether that is your fifth home or your very first. It is exciting to be able to look through all the houses available to you, and choose one that suits your needs, knowing you are starting another new chapter in your life. But what if you can’t find your perfect home? What if nothing available to you matches your needs?

More and more people in the UK are now electing to build their own property instead of going down the regular house-buying route. This can seem like an alarming step to take, but provided you are willing to put in the commitment, there are a number of great benefits to building your own home. Firstly, building your own property will mean that you can truly create you dream home, and it will be easier to install any features that are difficult and extremely costly to install in any pre-existing properties. For example, installing green energy measures can be greatly beneficial in the long-term, but installing them in an already existing could mean that the initial set-up costs are not worth it.

Secondly, building your own home can mean that you can create your perfect home for a fraction of the market price. Not only is this is a great incentive for you, but it could mean that you will also create a substantial investment for yourself. Of course, building your own home can be a stressful experience, which is why you should ensure you seek out a capable project management and construction company.

Dragon Building & Construction has years of experience in all aspects of construction for a wide variety of different types of domestic and commercial properties. Embarking on a new build project is not a decision to be taken lightly, but our knowledge and expertise will ensure the building process runs as smoothly as possible. We can take care of all aspects involved in building a new home, including estimating costs of land, architects, builders, materials and the actual construction itself.

Our team of builders are highly knowledgeable in all areas of construction and can comfortably put together your perfect home according to your specifications, while offering efficient and practical advice along the way. The utmost care and attention will be given to every stage and every aspect of your build, from the groundworks and the foundations, kitchen and bathroom installations, and even the decorating and garden landscaping.


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