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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Whether it is commercial or domestic property, maintaining a building, and keeping it up to the best standard, can be stressful. There are a number of areas and elements that can regularly cause problems, such as loose wiring, leaking pipes, blocked drains, cracked tiles, dated decorations, damaged walkways, and much more. These problems could initially seem small and insubstantial, but when you think about all of the small problems within your property, they can soon add up to much more.

Coming face to face with some of these problems everyday can become extremely irritated and make you feel very frustrated with your own home, and trying to solve the problems yourself can often end up making things worse. However, in commercial properties, you also need to consider the effect that these problems could have on other people in the building. Adequate plumbing and electrics should be present at all times, and tears in carpets and damage to walkways can cause a breach in health and safety.

Our multi-skilled team at Dragon Building and Construction is adept at handling all aspects of domestic and commercial property maintenance. We can undertake the minor day-to-day aspects of carrying out small repairs or issues that might crop up unexpectedly, as well as larger maintenance projects such as replacing worn out fixtures, re-fitting kitchens and bathrooms, resurfacing exterior paths and walkways, and much more.

Whether it is a commercial or domestic premises, we know that it is important that standards are upheld and repairs carried out as soon as possible, with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. At Dragon Building and Construction, we can provide you with a proficient and resourceful property maintenance service, which is fully adaptable to any property or problem.

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